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  • stokin the starmaker machinery behind the popular song
  • ✌🏻️ i'm back, back in the new york groove
  • i've got it, i'm a man now
  • nobody knows how to say goodbye, seems so easy 'til you try
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  • '...Sparkle like a diamond'
  • 'Why can't you see the funny side? WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING?!'
  • "the most powerful possession you can have is an open heart..."
  • "--and one day, we'll wake up in Paris..."

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  • Usually I'm humble Right now, I don't choose You can leave with me Or, you could have the blues Some call it arrogant I call it confident You decide when you find out what I'm working with
  • I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me The start of nothing I had no chance to prepare I couldn't see you coming
  • You just want attention You don't want my heart
  • Be each other's paradise Need a picture for my frame Someone to share my reign Tell me what you wanna drink Tell you what I got in mind Oh I don't know your name But I feel like that's gonna change

  • chloe/alec intro
  • you're like that cigarette. that shot of 100 proof. no matter how much i get i'm always craving that feeling when we kiss, the way your body moves. no matter how much i get i'm always craving you.
  • ayy, i remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances
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